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Here is some specs about the car.

This is what we are starting with… as described in the ad that we bought the car off of:

“Authentic MOPAR. Exceptionally solid old-school survivor. Street and strip car.  Needs paint and interior work for high-end cruising or shows. Otherwise quite serviceable.  ‘Built’ Mopar 318. Big cam. 2800 stall. Desirable 489 rear case with 391 gears. Chassis ties. Needs leaking race Holley rebuilt. Runs strong. New tires. About 4 hours of work, including carb, tuneup and fluids will get you on the track or street if you know what you are doing.  Former 12-sec car. Island Dragway class winner sticker. Sold with NY Reg.”


That description turned out to be not quite right… as nothing in the electrical system (except for the starter/ignition circuit) worked, and the front brakes failed the second time we tried to move it under it’s own power.  But the engine seems strong (after a carb rebuild by Scott Hamel), has about 62 lbs of old pressure, does not smoke, and sounds like it is more or less in one piece.

Drivers SidePassenger SideFrontRearInteriorEngine

July 22nd, 2013

The car was flat bedded to Albany Speed Shop today.

July 24th, 2013

Drove the car a bit.  Had to jury rig the accelerator cable as it had broke the last time I tried to drive it.  Only had rear brakes, so it was a little crazy.  Took it out on a small patch of road and floored it.  Got rubber in 1st and 2nd… but not in 3rd.  Seemed a little sluggish – not surprising a un-tuned and on old gas.

Sounded pretty good with the old exhaust.  Transmission seemed to work – was tight.  Front end was a little “floaty” for me.

After the run, I found out why it was not as fast as expected – my accelerator cable hack was not allowing the secondaries to open up more than 25% or so.  Tried to fix that – but then the remaining parts of the accelerator pedal fell apart in my hands.  I gave up.

I then gutted the dash and removed the electrical harness.  The dash is being replaced with a new custom one with all new gauges.  The electrical harness is being replaced with an aftermarket 20 circuit unit with a modern fuse box, to support this – that – and the other thing that is being added to the car.

I also removed the old heater core and the old ac evaporator (boxes and all), as this also is being replaced with a modern aftermarket unit.

It was a good day as with all the dash work, not one single cut on my hands.

July 25th, 2013

Took out the seats today and seat belts.  Got most of the carpet out, but need to return with a sharper knife to get the rest of it removed.


July 29th, 2013

The car is due to go “inside” the shop today.   I’ll stop over in the morning and see what the plans are.  I think it is to remove the rest of the carpet (and maybe back deck), and get the seats worked up for the roll bar install.  Also could be something totally different – as all involved need to get synced up.

I have some photos I will post shortly (carpet out, on the lift, etc).

Discovered the seat brackets ordered from Summit were wrong… but they will have the correct ones on 8/10/2013 or so, so sending these back and will wait for the new ones.  Summit offered to pay the shipping back for the incorrect parts, which is cool.

July 30th, 2013

I stopped over at the shop to check on wheel sizes.  The car was on the lift but Albany Speed Shop had not had a chance to start anything yet.  I left and spent a bunch of time (hours) on the phone getting the front suspension, wheels, and steering components ordered.  When I called Albany Speed Shop back in the afternoon to confirm something with them, they told me they got the old, rusty, and dented gas tank out.  So that’s a start!